Did It Yourself?

Oh boy… it’s not what you thought it would be like eh?

Guy needing help with computer photo.

Three clicks and you’re done… I don’t think so. Many of our clients started their website project by doing it themselves and after a year or so or even less, of frustration trying to learn the software and stumbling around trying to figure things out, they called us. Usually they were referred to Elizabeth’s Web by one of our clients, liked what they saw on a website we had designed, or had viewed our portfolio.

At some point, you as a business owner need to decide where your talents will be best utilized – promoting or looking for new business – or sitting in front of a computer aggravated by trying to complete what should be a simple task… and we’ve heard some horror stories.

Creating a beautiful, functional and standards compliant website is becoming more and more technical and websites created by “picking a template” and plopping your information in, look like what they are “canned websites”. The consumer is becoming quite savvy and can generally recognize websites that are built in this manner. Will the customer stay on your website or will they click off?

Websites have become the best way to create a company’s identity. Let your website shine and really express what your business is all about. The web doesn’t sleep and neither should your business. Elizabeth’s Web can eliminate the frustration. Creating a unique and articulate visual representation of your business on the Internet and making the process a smooth one. What’s next?